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Atelier Lilie - Salburg 3

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Atelier Lilie - Salburg 3 Empty Atelier Lilie - Salburg 3

Message par LunaticKingdom Dim 26 Déc - 18:43

Hello, sorry for not using french, I had a great time playing the Marie & Lilie fan translation, you guys did a terrific work.
Is there any plans to translate the third Salburg game in the future, Atelier Lilie?

Having the original trilogy that started it all available in english would be a fascinating accomplishment.

I wish you guys luck with your current and future projects Smile

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Atelier Lilie - Salburg 3 Empty Re: Atelier Lilie - Salburg 3

Message par RyleFury Lun 27 Déc - 0:37

Hello LunaticKingdom,

Thank you for your support, we put all our passion on it ^^

We might translate Atelier Lilie in the future, but it will not be our next project after Ciel Nosurge on PS Vita, so we don't know for now.

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